Become a play helper

Play helpers are the backbone of HOPS. You will be responsible for helping to ensure all the children have a fantastic and safe time during HOPS.


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Duties include but are not limited to...


  • setting up and training on the Saturday morning before HOPS week

  • registering children at the beginning of each day

  • ensuring children are playing safely

  • enforcing basic rules

  • encouraging shy children and ensuring no-one is left out or unhappy

  • helping children settle in, both generally and as part of our specific buddy team

  • assisting with activities

  • tidying and clearing up each day as necessary

  • clearing away on the final day and collecting in lost property.


You will be part of a team and expected to think proactively, and pitch in with whatever needs to be done. HOPS is always fantastic fun and looks great on your CV and university applications.

You will generally need to be available for the whole week, ie:

  • Saturday morning (31st July) approx 9am - 12.30pm (set-up day)

  • Monday-Friday (2nd-6th August) 8.45am - 3.15pm

Pay is £175 aged 16-18; £200 aged 18 plus.

Payment is by bank transfer after HOPS week is completed.


For an application form please email