Registration for 2022

will open

4th June

To REGISTER - PLEASE follow the steps below:


     (this will be available from 4th June - not before!)

2. PAYMENT - information on how PAY follows soon...

PLEASE also note the following:

  1. When paying PLEASE use your CHILD'S NAME as PAYMENT REFERENCE without this we cannot match your payment to your registration and your child will not have a confirmed place..

  2. PLEASE do NOT complete the booking form more than once for the same child - this causes confusion! 

  3. When you have completed the booking form AND PAID we will confirm your child's place at HOPS as soon as possible (but this may take a few days).

  4. Note:  if payment is NOT made within 5 days of registration we will CANCEL THE REGISTRATION and you will need to re-apply..

  5. We cannot accept ANY cancellations/changes except in very rare circumstances.

  6.  Complete the Medical form ONLY if your child has a medical condition requiring medication or treatment (eg allergy requiring EpiPen) - see 12 below.

  7. Complete the additional needs form ONLY if your child will require extra help or adjustments to enjoy HOPS fully (eg autism, learning difficulties) - see 12 below.

  8. Please note:  minimum age is SIX and maximum age is 11...this means                   the child's age AT THE END OF AUGUST 2022.

  9. Children will need to bring a packed lunch (NO nuts, please) and we suggest £1 a day for the tuck shop.

  10. Medical Info form and/or Additional needs form can be scanned and emailed or sent to HOPS c/o 4 Paradise Road, Henley RG9 1UA.


Please ensure you have read and agreed HOPS policies.