Meet the HOPS team

HOPS is run by the volunteer committee and the room leaders who come back year after year to ensure the children have a fantastic time. We welcome new faces so if you’d like to know more about getting involved please click here.

David Edwards

I have two children who have had a fantastic time at HOPS for many years.

This convinced me that I would as well if I helped out.

Outside of HOPS I am a lawyer.


Caroline Jacob

Caroline has two children who both attend(ed) HOPS. 

She is also on our committee, and has been involved with HOPS for many years.

She is a teaching assistant at Badgemore School and helps children create sewing projects and learn the art of stitching.

Committee Member and Room Leader - Sewing

Daphne Ely

Daphne has two children who have both enjoyed HOPS.

Daphne used to run the tuck shop but now uses her day-job skills as our resident Nurse.

Committee member / Nurse

Sophie Pentecost

Sophie has five children who all either attend HOPS or have done so in the past. 

She is on the committee and now runs the tuck shop.

Also she is in charge of the kitchen, making delicious sandwiches for all helpers (about 40) every day - a huge task!

Committee member / runs tuckshop/kitchen

Ann Shankland

I am a long term Henley resident, mother and grandmother, all three of whose children attended, and loved, HOPS (back in the 1980s!).

"HOPS is a real Henley institution and a very valuable experience for the children and I am very happy to help run it".

Treasurer / Administrator

Barbara Rowlett

Barbara's two girls attended HOPS (quite a long time ago!) and this year (2019) she has joined our committee and she also stepped in to run the Craft room at very short notice.

Committee member and Craft room leader

Amy O'Connor

Amy O'Connor is a Caversham mum, whose 7 year old son attends HOPS. 

Now she is running the cookery school and loves baking and working with children, helping at Beavers and at her son's school.

Room Leader - Cookery

Paul and Debi Marsh

Paul joined HOPs in 2017 to run the extremely popular woodwork room which offers children the chance to create wooden sculptures and items, some with moving parts, and to learn safely how to use woodworking equipment.

Room Leader - Woodwork

Christina Soar and Sophie Kyriakides

Christina and Sophie are long-standing members of the HOPS team and run what was formerly the beauty room which has been reinvented for 2018 because it offers so much more, for both boys and girls. The children queue eagerly to have henna tattoos (with parental permission), face painting, temporary tattoos, and hair braiding, and to try out fun make up and nail polish.

Room Leader - Festival

Laura Edwards

Laura took on running the art room this year (2019) and did a brilliant job.

Art Room leader

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